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PROJECT: hill-billy delux

HBD is running a lightly massaged, 454 BBC that cranks out about 550 reliable HP! It's backed up by a worked TH400 transmission and a Dana 300 T-Case with 32 spline ins and outs and a 4-1 gear set. It is 4-linked front and rear with custom ORI struts (the rear have remote reservoirs).  The tubework on this beauty is truly one of a kind! Designed so that you can keep the stock top on, or go topless. The front bumper is carefully designed to tie in to the frame through the grill and is a work of art. HBD is running a 32 gallon fuel cell (just enough for 160 miles).  We have set up a separate  tras cooler, RD cooling fans and radiator. It has PSC full hydro steering, F.A.S.T. injection and many more goodies! Prepare to see this beast at K.O.H. next year

Build Sheet


454 BBC W/ F.A.S.T injection





Transfer Case:




Full width GM axles



Custom 4-link front and rear w/ custom built ORI struts. (rear has remote res)



PSC Full Hydro assist


Wheels n Tires:

43" Mickey's on Raceline Beadlocks

Other Goodies:

Custom sliders, bumpers and cage. 32 gallon fuel cell, separate trans cooler

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