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Having been in the 4-wheel drive business for more than 50 years, we have been able to 4-wheel all over the country. We have experience 4-wheeling almost every type of off road vehicle, in almost every condition imaginable! When we build a custom "anything" for your rig, our designs are based on real world experience (not some copy cat designed by a paper pusher in Taiwan, that has never been off roading in YOUR vehicle)!


We bring 50 years of expertise to the table. Not only in recreational 4-wheeling but also in competitive rock crawling, rock racing, mud racing, truck pulling, and top truck competitions! When we make a recommendation or give you information about a custom fabricated part for your rig, you can be confident what we tell you is accurate. You can also be confident that the part we build for you is going to be the highest quality you can buy and the correct answer to your specific needs.


You can count on your Tanner products to perform at the highest levels and count on them to exceed your expectations! All of our custom roll cages, bumpers, tire carriers, skid plates, suspension systems, and complete tube chassis' have been bred from abuse and real world torture in the most extreme conditions imaginable! So when the rubber side goes up and the chips are'll be glad you made Tanner your choice, based on the experience that only 50 years of off-roading can get you.....

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