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Superior Quality & Service... Period.

For more than four decades, Tanner 4x4 has been providing Colorado with industry leading quality and service. We owe our success to having a team of talented techs and fabricators, using high quality parts, a no tolerance mindset for cutting corners, and the best customers around.  Unlike our competitors, we actively avoid selling repairs and upgrades that do not fit our customers needs. We also make sure to avoid using low end, cheap parts, that will cause more harm than good, whenever we can.

We understand that your vehicle is more than just a way of getting around. If your like us, your vehicle is  either your play toy, work horse, family hauler or all of the above. You can rest assured  that when you get your vehicle back from us, it has been thoroughly inspected, repaired (or upgraded), and tested, to make sure we have done everything possible to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


- Oil change & tune up

- Suspension & steering

- Brake systems

- Transmissions

- Engine repair

- Alignments

- Tires & wheels

- Electrical

- Exhaust systems

Rockrocket 120.jpg

-- Lift kits & Coil Overs

- Tuning & programmers

- Turbos & Superchargers

- Gears & Lockers

- One tons & S.A.S

- V8 conversions

- Beadlocks & Tires

- Diesel systems

- Injectors

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